1. Originality is the key to success, without originality, simple success can be found. Special and great success comes only with originality.
  2. People who imitate others are always behind others.
  3. Think like a winner, trust your capabilities and competencies and have a firm conviction that you are going to achieve success.
  4. Be positive and increase your productivity as negativity
  5. Failure is the pillar of success.
  6. Every successful person fails at some time. Failures inform us about our weaknesses, shortcomings, lack of preparations, efforts and dedication. If we manage to learn from failures, success will be ours.
  7. Life is successful only when nothing remains to be done, to be known and to be achieved. If out of these three, any one condition is satisfied, the remaining two will be naturally satisfied.
  8. Dig deep, do not give up early
  9. Success cannot be achieved with a positive mindset. Our positive attitude increases productivity improves quality, reduce stress, and foster a better relationship with our fellow–beings.
  10. One needs to use all opportunities and devices to get success.
  11. It is a great skill to do the right thing at the right time.
  12. If you want to get success to decide by reason, not by emotion.
  13. Success stands before you. Be patient and continue striving for it.
  14. Time management tools play a great role in the way of achieving target.
  15. First of all try to find out what is your hobby and then try to make it your profession if possible.
  16. If you want to succeed in life you need to choose the company of those people who have attained maturation of their efforts.
  17. Success cannot be achieved without enthusiasm, self–reliance and introspection.
  18. Enthusiasm + self–reliance + introspection → success
  19. Continuous effortless effort and identifying and reducing their deficiencies are very important for success.
  20. Success does not come from waiting, but it gives success to success.
  21. Neither the successful people get success by reading the story, nor by reading the sources of success. Success then gets success from the sources of success.
  22. Don’t afraid of new innovative ideas and schemes.
  23. What is a success? There are many definitions, but there’s one thing all the great people agree on: Success only comes by persevering despite failure.
  24. Success is never achieved by just dreaming, dreams have to be transformed into reality to achieve success.
  25. What people speak or what you