Today’s saving can be tomorrow’s support. As we are living in a rapidly changing world. Up and down of market has made it more unstable. Nothing can be said about the market.  Under these circumstances, we must cultivate the habit of savings. What are the best way of savings?

As we know money can buy more money. Money can work for you day and night.  Money can be your active and obedient employee if you apply it judiciously.

Following are the best investment options:

  1. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are much popular and are suitable for the people who are looking for the long-term investment options.  Investors put their money in share and equities. Mutual fund schemes are run by fund managers who has expertise in market analysis. They thoroughly study the market and accordingly take investment decision for the scheme.  In fact, in this the time of investors is saved. Fund manager ensures to diversify your capital. Mutual fund can be bought in any number of units at their present prevailing rates.  This is called NAV means Net Asset Value. Mutual funds can be cashed out at any time.  But they certainly possess a kind of risk.  Generally they have no minimum investment period.

Public Provident Fund: It is also a popular  investment option. Interest from public provident fund is tax free.  It can be start with a small amount but the money gets locked for a period of 15 years.  Loan can be taken on the balance in Public Provident Fund. PPF account can be opened in almos all the banks.

Equity share

It is highly risk oriented investment. Before investing in it, one needs to thoroughly study the company’s background.