Prominent Vedic Gods

1.  Indra:                  Lord of Heaven, Most powerful God, God of War and Rain

2.  Agni:                  Fire God, Minister of Sacrifice

3. Surya:                 Sun God

4. Varuna:             Holder of Cosmic Order, Enforcer of Law

5.Ribhus:              It referred to Sun Deity and later Wind Deity

6. Soma :              God of Plants

7. Rudra:                God who is the provider of medicines, God of Storm and lightening

8  Marut :               Son of Rudra, Member of Lord Indra young troop.

9. Usha :                 Goddess of Dawn

10. Ratri :               Goddess of Night

11. Pushan :             Vedic Solar deity. Responsible for marriages, journeys, roads and feeding of  cattle

12  Aditi:                 Mother of the Gods or Devmata

13. Bhaga:              God of Wealth, Prosperity, Marriage and Morning

14. Ashvins :          A Goddess of the clouds, the shining of sunrise and sunset, bringer of treasures

15. Mitra :              God  of friendship, oath  treaty

16.Bṛhaspati:         Counsels or the teacher of the Gods, largest planet.  God of knowledge

17.Aranyani :        Goddess of the Forests

18. Shukr :             Counsels or the teacher of the demons/devil or Asuras,