Vitamins are essential substances for growth, metabolism and full utilization of food. They are found in natural foods and they are of two types:

Fat Soluble- Vitamins of this group are -A, D, E & K

Water Soluble – Vitamins of this group are – B & C

Lack of awareness sometimes make the people vitamin deficient.   In fact,  vitamins are found in vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses.  As carrots, green vegetables and onions are good source of vitamin Likewise, potato, tomato, banana is rich source of vitamin A.  The details of vitamins and their deficiency symptoms are given as follows:

Vitamins Sources Deficiency  symptoms
Vitamin A Egg yolk, Green vegetables- potato, tomato, pea, Banana, Carrot,  Eggs, Soybean, Cabbage Slow bone formation, dry eyes, bumpy skin, Retarded growth,

Night blindness, dryness of skin

Vitamin B1 Yeast, Wheat, Rice, raddish Meat Beriberi, stops physical growth, excessive fatigue or  muscular weakness
Vitamin B2 Vegetables, meat, milk Defective skin patches around mouth and ears, Cataract
Vitamin B5 Animal liver, mushrooms, raw rice bran, cauliflower Burning pains in the feet, fatigue, depression, numbness , headache, nausea
Vitamin B6 Nuts, cereals Skin problems like eczema or dermatitis etc., Anemia,  weak immunity
Vitamin B12 Liver oil, nuts, meat, seafood Nerve and stomach disorder, diarrhea, weight loss, pale skin
Vitamin C Lemon, tomato, pulses, salad, oranges, cereals Scurvy, weak immune system, early aging and degenerative diseases
Vitamin D Butter, Sun rays, milk, spinach ghee Rickets, disease related to bones
Vitamin E Carrot, Garlic, Apple , Honey, groundnut, germinated cereals Muscular Paralysis, nausea, loss of appetite, hair falling
Vitamin K Eggs,  leafy vegetables, soybeans, broccoli, lettuce, Essential for the immune system of body against infection, bones fracture easily, early aging
  • Number of Muscles in our body is 525.
  • Number of Bones in our body is 206.
  • Biggest Organ in our body is Liver.

  • Our brain is more active at nigh than during the day time.
  • Our blood runs the distance of 19312 kilometers.
  • Normal heart beat in a human is 72 times in a minute.
  • Master gland in human body is Pituitary.
  • Total number of teeth in a human being is 32.
  • Our eyes can distinguish about 10 million colours.
  • The largest part of human brain is Cerebrum.
  • We make approximately 20000 breaths per day.
  • The Masseter (jaw muscle) is the strongest muscle in the human body.
  • Brains uses about 20%of  our body oxygen and calories.
  • In an adult human body there are 100000 miles blood vessels.
  • Human ears and Nose never stop growing.
  • The number of bacteria in a person’s mouth is equal to the number of people living on Earth, or even more.
  • Number of Chromosomes in a human body is 46 or 23 pairs.
  • Collective weightage of all of the bacteria in our body is about four pounds.