Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is the well-known intellectual of human history – Albert Einstein was the one of the brightest stars of the world of  science.  Based on his  discoveries, he  gave the principles of space, time and gravitation. Let us read some important points about the life of this great scientist.

Full Name – Albert Hermann Einstein

Birth – March 14, 1879

Birthplace – Ulma (Germany)

Father – Hermann Einstein

Mother – Paulin Koch

Education – He started his education in Switzerland, spent four years at the Polytechnical Academy of Zurich. In 1900, he took the title of Stantak and accepted the citizenship of Switzerland. In 1905, Einstein obtained the P.H.D. degree from University of Zurich.

Marriage – Twice (with Mariec) Second Elisa Lowenen Thal

In 1905, Albert Einstein published articles on the basis of scientific research and gave theories of  Relativity. Due to this work, the name of Albert Einstein spread amongst  physics scientists across Europe. Einstein was previously professor of Switzerland, then Germany University of Prague and Polytechnic in Zurich in 1912.  In 1914, he was appointed in the Prussian Academy of Science in Berlin.

Albert Einstein was honored internationally in November 1919 when the Royal Society of London recognized his theories. After that, by 1921, He traveled  across the Europe and placed his  views before intellectuals. He traveled the world for the next three years and conveyed his teachings to the people. In 1921, Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for doing unique work in the field of physics. Einstein left Germany’s citizenship in 1933. He later started living in Princeton (America).


Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in the Jewish family of Wittemberg in Germany. His father Hermann Einstein was an engineer and salesman while his mother was Pauline Einstein. In 1880, his family moved to Munich, where his father and uncle had Elektrotechnische Fabrik J. Einstein & Co. The company made electric appliances and it also arranged for the first time at Munich’s Oktoberfest Fair.

The Albert Einstein family did not consider Jewish religious traditions, and that is why Einstein went to study in Catholic school. Later, at the age of 8, he moved from there to the Litpold gymnasium (today known as Albert Einstein Gymnasium), where he took secondary and higher secondary education, he stayed there until the next 7 years. They did not leave Germany.

In 1894, his father’s company proved failure.  Then  in search of a business, Einstein’s family moved to Italy. In Italy, they first settled in Milan and then later moved to Pavia. When his family lived in Pavia, Einstein was completing his studies in Munich. His father wanted to make Einstein an electrical engineer.

In 1895, at the age of 16, he took the entrance examination of the Swiss Federal Polytechnic, Zürich, which was later known as Edigenossische Technische Hochschule (ETH). Except for the subject of physics and mathematics, he failed to get enough marks in other subjects. And finally on the advice of the Principal of Polytechnic, he went to the Argovian Cantonal School, Aru, Switzerland. He completed his higher secondary education in 1895-96.

When he was living with his family for a few days, he loved Mary. In January 1896, on the orders of his father, he again accepted German citizenship. In September 1896, he passed the Swiss examination and at this time had received good grades, in this examination, he was one of the top 6 in physics and mathematics. Then in Zurich Polytechnic, he completed 4 years of diploma in mathematics and physics. Where Mary Winteler went to Olsberg, Switzerland.

Albert Einstein’s future wife Mileva Maric also took admission in polytechnic the same year. She was the only female among 6 students of Mathematics and Physics. And in a few years, Maric and Einstein’s friendship turned into love. Later, he started living together for a long time, started studying together.  In 1900, Einstein was rewarded with the Zurich Polytechnic Diploma.