General Knowledge : Question – Answer


1. Who is known as father of Turkey ?
Answer : Mustafa Kamalpasha
2.Who was the first governor of Uttrakhand state?
Answer :Surjit Singh Barnala
3.Where were the Red Indians reside?
Answer :America
4.What is the state flower of Uttrakhand?
Answer :Brahma Kamal
5.By which act was the marriageable age of girls was raised to eighteen years.
Answer : Sharda Act (1930)
6. Only natural satellite of the Earth is :
Answer : Moon
7. Who played Gandhi’s role in the film ‘Gandhi’?
Answer: Ben Kingsley
8. When is the teacher’s Day celebrated?
Answer: 5 September
9. In which year was the atom bomb dropped on Japan?
Answer – 1945
10. On which river has Bhakara Nangal Dam built?
Answer: Sutlej
11. India’s National Flower is:
Answer: lotus
12. Dhanraj Pillai is related to which game:
Answer :hockey
13. How many permanent members are in the Security Council of United Nations Organization?
Answer :5
14.Which Indus Civilization site is now in Pakistan?
Answer: Harappa
15. Who started the ‘Bhoodan Movement’?
Answer: Vinob Bhave
16. Who introduced English education in India?
Answer – Lord Mackay
17. Who is known as ‘Flying Sikh’?
Answer: Milkha Singh
18. What is Uday Shankar related to?
Answer: Dance

19. Who was the Chairman of the draft Constitution Committee?
Answer: Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar
20. Laxdeep is the capital.
Answer: Karavati
21. Currency of Sri Lanka is :
Answer: Rupee
22. Who wrote the book ‘Discovery of India’?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru
23. Who discovered the ‘gravitational force’?
Answer – Newton
24. Who is the first Indian to receive Nobel Prize?
Answer: Ravinder Nath Tagore
25. Who founded the Ramkrishna Mission?
Answer: Swami Vivekanand
26. Which state is situated on the eastern part of India?
North – Arunachal Pradesh
27. Which is the lowest layer of the atmosphere-
Answer – Troposphere
28. In the Indian Army the name ‘Vijayanta’ is-
Answer – a tank

Set II

  1. During the tenure of which Prime Minister the Mandal Commission came into force?

Ans. – V. P. Singh

  1. 2. Who is called the father of the Green Revolution in India?

Ans. – MS. Swaminathan

  1. The White Revolution is concerned with.

Answer:  milk

  1. Who was the last Mughal ruler?

Ans. – Bahadur Shah Zafar

  1.  Where is held Pushkar?

Ans. –  Jaipur

  1. Where wa