Sports MCQs

1. In which international championship Thomas Cup is presented?
(A) Football (B) Cricket (C) Basketball (D) Badminton
Ans: (D)
2. In which game is ‘Free-Throw’ given?
(A) in-hair (B) in basketball (C) in badminton (D) in cricket
Ans: (B)
3. The word ‘Iron’ is related to which game?
(A) Golf (B) Table Tennis (C) Polo (D) Judo
Ans: (A)
4. In which of the following games Gambit word is used?
(A) Carom (B) Bridge (C) Chess (D) Billiards
Ans: (C)
5. Where was the first one-day World Cricket Cup tournament played?
(A) Australia (B) England (C) New Zealand (D) West Indies
Ans: (…