Economics, Banking, Financial institutions

  1. When was the rupee devalued first time?

– September 20, 1949

  1. When was the rupee devalued for the second time?

– June 6, 1966

  1. When was the rupee devalued for the third time ?

– July 1, 1991

  1. In what situation the value of currency increases and the prices of goods and services fall?

– currency contraction or deflation

  1. What is the share of agriculture and relations sector in gross domestic (GDP)

– 13.67 Percent

  1. What was the contribution of agriculture to India’s GDP in 1950-51?

– 52.2 percent

  1. When are rabi crops sown?

– October, November, December

  1. Name a few Rabi crops?

– wheat, barley, gram pea, mustard and Potato etc.

  1. When are sowing of kharif crops done

– June-July

  1. What are the crops in the kharif crops

– Jowar, millet, maize, sesame, Groundnut

  1. When Zayed crops are produced

– between March to July

  1. What crops are grown in Zayed crops

– watermelon, melon, cucumber and

animal feed

  1. What are the business or cash crops

– cotton, sugarcane, oilseeds, tea, Jute and tobacco

  1. India produces the highest quantity of food grains

– Rice

  1. What type of fertilizer is most utilized under agriculture in the country?

– Nitrogenic

  1. When was the ‘Operation Flood’ program launched in India?

– 1970

  1. The ‘Operation Flood’ program is related to the increase in production

– milk

  1. Who was the associated with the ‘Operation Flood’ program?

– Dr. Verghese Kurien

  1. What is the position of India in marine fishery production in the world

– sixth

  1. What is the position of India in inland fishery production in the world

– second

  1. In which state most of the freshwater fish are caught?

– West Bengal

  1. Which state is the first place in total fish production- West Bengal
  2. The White Revolution is related to

– the production of milk

  1. What is India’s rank is the world’s milk producer?

– first place

  1. What is the positon of India in terms of number of animals in the world?

– second

  1. What is India’s place in the production of eggs?

– third

  1. Which is the world’s largest leather producing country?

– India

  1. The Yellow Revolution is related to –

-oilseed production

  1. Which bank was first established in India?

– Bank of India

  1. When was Bank of India establishment of?

– 1770

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