Communication: An Introduction


To understand the mass media and its various aspects, we need to know the concept and significance of communication. Let us try to understand it in simple language.

Communication Process

The word communication is derived from the Latin verb communis which means to impart or share an idea or view. Communication is vital for the entire creature in this world.  It is the medium through which we interact with one another and to know what is good and what is bad for us.  We know others views and opinion about ourselves or on other matters. Communication can strengthen our relations or if used in bad intention it can ruin our relations.  Sometimes it may deceive us as by speaking some sweet words one may play second fiddle with us or but if we know the language of  kinesics (body language) we can certainly make an assessment about the intention of the person who is having a design while interacting with us.

Communication is an essential process through which we exchange and share our views and desires. It has been important since the dawn of the civilization. It is due to this power that mankind has been able to get such a huge success while other creatures are still in their prime and they will remain in this condition due to lack of this unique gift.

The process of communication is a process in which many elements are at work.

If you give a thought over the question why do we communicate, it would be very easy to find a question.   We have something to convey to somebody about some point or issue.  So, at least two parties are involved in the process of communication.  The person who has something to say is; the person whom the message is conveyed. The first is speaker and the second in listener. What is being said is message? Through which the message is conveyed is channel.




How will one convey his message is? One may convey it through his mouth or through any device.  As far as length of communication is concerned it can be a small word to many sentences and sometime it may be a book a long speech or a drama.   The book you are reading is also a part of communication.  What is said or communicated is communication.


Nowadays various kind of communication has crept up to the surfa…