Indian Defence System



Indian defence system is divided into three services- Army, Navy and Air force.

A. Indian Army has been divided into following seven commands:

     No. Command           Headquarters

  1. Western command                  Chandigarh
  2. Eastern command                   Kolkata
  3. Northern command                Udhampur
  4. Southern command                  Pune
  5. Central command                    Lucknow
  6. Army Training command       Shimla
  7. South Western Command      Jaipur

B. Indian Navy has been divided into the three following commands:     S.No.     Command            Headquarters                                                  

1.              Eastern command     Vishakhapatnam                                                     2.            Southern Command    Cochin                                                                      3.           Western Command    Mumbai

3.  Indian Air force has seven commands:                                                              S. No.          Command                             Headquarters                                          1.                Central Air Command              Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh                    2.                Eastern Air Command           Shillong, Meghalaya                                3.                Southern Air Command     Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala                  4.                South Western Air Command    Gandhinagar, Gujarat                      5.                Western Air Command       Subroto Park, New Delhi                          6.                Maintenance Command             Nagpur                                                  7.                Training Command                   Bengaluru

a.     Border Security Force (BSF)   was formed in 1965.  BSF guards our international borders.

b.     Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) was established in 1969.  It monitors the large industrial complexes of Government.

c.      Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) was established in 1962.  It has been formed to monitor the activities in Northern borders of India.

d.    Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)   was established in 1969. The primary aim of establishing it was to assist the state/union territor…