Inventions/Discoveries and Inventors/Discoverers

S. No. Invention/Discovery Inventor/Discover
1 Photoelectric effect Albert Einstein
2 Aeroplane Wright Brothers
3 Air conditioner W.H. Carrier
4 Alpha and Beta Particles Ernest Rutherford
5 Atom bomb Otto Hahn
6 Atomic Nucleus Ernest Rutherford
7 Atomic Structure Bohr and Rutherford
8 Atomic Theory Dalton
9 Balloon Jacques & Joseph
10 Ball-point Pen C. Biro
11 Barometer E Torricelli
12 Bicycle K Macmillan
13 Black hole Stephen Hawking
14 Calculator B. Pascal
15 Centigrade scale Celsius
16 Cinematograph Thomas Alva Edison
17 Cinema A L and J L lumiere
18 Clock Hsing and Ling Tsan
19 Com