Mass Media, Journalism and Development

Mass Media, Journalism and Development


Mass Media

Media is called the fourth pillar of democracy.  It has been proved time and again.  With the passage of time mass media has got immense power.  Earlier it was not so strong but with the emergence of newer methods of communication, it has widened its arena.  Today mass media has to play more proactive roles by exposing the corrupt practices in the society.  James Augustus Hickey is regarded as the father of Indian journalism. Before 1947 media was a mission whose primary aim was get rid of British rule.

After independence it was time to create a new India and making its all round developments.  But after a few years it became profession and at last it has become a business.  Still we cannot ignore its power.  It has exposed large number of scams/

Media must refrain from hype and keep a balance approach.  One of the roles of media is to give constructive approach.  It must be a constructive critic like parents of a child.  Only then it can be called friend of masses and voice of deprived.


Print Media

Print media includes newspapers, magazines, books etc.


Newspapers are the mirror of society.  By reading a good newspaper, one can make an assessment of a society.   A newspaper contains news, views, reviews, features, articles and advertisement etc.  Although it has to face stiff competition from other media such as a television, radio, magazine, television and Internet but still it has its own importance. The word ‘Press’ is in fact, used generally for newspapers.  They are easy and cheap messengers which can provide an insight about what are happening in the government.  What welfare decisions are being taken by the government?  Who is going to become next chief minister of a certain state?  In addition to giving news, newspapers also render great service to nation by building the public opinion.  They clear the clouds engulfing the public minds.  They also reveal the reality and expose the malpractices.  They diagnosis the disease.


Newspapers inform us, educate entertain and influence us.  Newspapers have something for everyone.  Either it is a school going children, job seeker, businessman, political analyst, teacher or an owner of …