The meaning of success differs from person to person. For somebody, success may be minting money but for some other success may be achieving a name and fame.

A student may want to achieve first division in his study. If the same student is preparing for some entrance exam, he again wants to get success by securing his name in the merit list of successful candidates.

A college-going student may want to top the college and university. Likewise, a graduate may want to compete for administrative exams or any other exam for getting a coveted government job. A doctor may want to establish a nursing home or a hospital or may have a dream of working abroad. A trader or businessman may want to raise his business.

Behind every success story are an embarrassing first effort, a stumble, and a setback. The first step is of great importance and it must be taken with full care and planning. Success is not an event but it is a process. One has to overcome these obstacles and cross them with flying colors by putting in all efforts. None are going to serve you the success on the platter.

In a nutshell, achieving the set or desired goal is a success. There is no yardstick to measure success. In fact, if someone is contented with one’s achievement, it is a success. There are people who are super ambitious and have lofty dreams. To realizing these lofty dreams they are required to toil from dawn to dusk. Success takes blood, sweat, and tears before arriving at you.


Achieving what was desired is not an easy task. By just thinking or dreaming about something you cannot achieve it. One needs to put all her/his efforts together to taste the flavor of success. First of all, we should be able to know what we want. Then we should decide how can we achieve it and what are the means which are going to help us to achieve our desired goals.

Let us see what are traits and shortcoming of successful and unsuccessful people:

Traits of Successful people

  • Have a vision or goal
  • Have a burning desire
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Take risks
  • Passionate
  • Humbleness
  • Forgive others
  • Make a to-do–list
  • Think long term
  • Accept responsibility for their failure
  • Want others to succeed
  • Dedicated
  • Diligent
  • Talk about ideas
  • Hardworking
  • Have great will power
  • Give credit to others for their success
  • Cooperative
  • Great listeners
  • Patience

Shortcomings of unsuccessful people

  • Hesitate to take risk
  • Weak will power
  • Word-minded rather than work-minded
  • Blaming and complaining nature
  • The negative approach toward life and people
  • Deviated and distracted
  • Want other’s failure
  • Talk about people and criticize them
  • Non–cooperative
  • Talk too much.

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