Everybody wants to reach the pinnacle of success.  For this, he does hard work but with life experience, we have seen only a handful gets success. What are the secrets of success?  Success is a broad term and it reshapes itself according to the person and circumstances. Likewise, a person with great zeal and passion may also redefine it.  Life without a goal is worthless and it may deviate a person. So first of all there should be a goal. One should be very clear about her/his destination. Without knowing the destination one will never be able to achieve anything as he/she does not know where they have to reach.

The journey of success is not so easy and comfortable.  It seeks for the seeker to put in his hard work and dedication.   The seeker has to cope with troubles coming into the way of success.  The person on the way of success is like a warrior who has to deal with several enemies. He has to overcome these enemies and defeat them.

There is no shortcut way of getting success and none can achieve success overnight.  Suppose you want to join early morning yoga classes to make yourself fit, first you should try to get up early, when you start getting up early, then start the next step with the normal yoga postures and gradually you begin to adopt the complete Yoga method.  It will not even trouble you, and you will also find your goal of becoming a good yoga follower. But in this process from the first day, if you try to do the typical yoga postures, you may find doing them difficult. The first day’s workout may probably give you so much stress that you may go back and give up the idea of doing yoga.  Preventing such an event, you need to go through stages and stages are the halt that rejuvenates and refresh you.

Let us read the following lines and have a glimpse of the way of achieving success:

Success is reached–

By being active, awake, ahead of the crowd,

By aiming high,

By pushing ahead honestly, diligently, and patiently,

By climbing, digging,

By forgetting the past, using the present, trusting the future,

By honoring God,

By having a purpose,

By determining to win and striving to the end.

Russell Conwell

So, carry on your effort, and success will be yours.

Henry Ford rightly said, ‘If you think you can or if you think you cannot, you are right’.

As we mentioned in the previous chapter that there are certain traits of successful people. They work on them and strengthen them and achieve success. They have a burning desire, they learn from mistakes, take risks; they are passionate, humble, dedicated, and diligent. They think long term and forgive others and possess strong will power. They do not waste their time on trivial things and believe in working rather than reacting.

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