About US

Insightgk.com  is dedicated to the aspirants who are toiling from dawn to dusk and burning midnight oil to achieve their goals. Our primary objective is to help the aspirants in their endeavours.    As you are aware of the fact that in almost all the competitive examinations, questions related to General Knowledge   are asked.  From clerk grade to IAS level examinations GK or GS  is included.  It is all prevalent in either objective type questions format or descriptive type questions format.

General Knowledge is not such general, in fact, it is very vast topic and leaves nothing.  Questions related to General  Knowledge may be from any subjects such as History, Science, Literature, Political Science,  Geography,   World Organisations,   Economics,   Culture, technology,  Famous Places ,  Honours and Awards, psychology…and so on.   This list is ceaseless or never ending. Our journey is also endless and we are trying to offer as much GK as possible to our best level.