Ambition is referred an ardent desire for fame or power or a desire to achieve a particular end. Human beings are full of dreams and ambitions. Some people may have small dreams while other may have lofty dreams.  It is due to the existence of the ambition that humanity is able to boast of the phenomenal progress in the all the spheres of life. Our ambitions should not be disruptive for others’ peace of mind.  We must grow on the path of success but not at the cost of our fellow being’s peace.  It should be positive for the achievers and the world as well.

There may be many reasons for one’s being ambitious or over–ambitious. We see around us there are people who are toiling from dawn to dusk and have just an aim to pass the day and carry out their daily responsibilities. They have little dreams or ambitions. They possess no specific plan for their future.  But on the contrary, there are people who have high dreams, ambitions and expectations from life and they live life like an entrepreneur. They keep on making and reshaping plans. They are philosophers of life and chasers of dreams.  Though our environment, education level, upbringing etc. play crucial role in making us ambitious, we can learn to be ambitious and dream chaser with practice. 


The best way to become ambitious is to surround you with ambitious people. If you try to learn from them you can learn a lot.  Reading good motivational books is another factor as they subconsciously enlighten and alert us.  They have lasting impression on us.  

Motivation or inspiration is the most important thing in the path of success. To achieve success, there is a need for self–motivation or internal motivation. If you are not motivated and inspired then it is impossible to move on to the path of success. In the absence of motivation you may not be able to find the ways of success. It is a kind of ignorance.

On the one hand, there are people who are self–inspired and they need not any kind of stimulus, while on the other hand there are people who always seeks some inspiration coming from outside. If we get motivation from within then result of our work will be better.  The motivation taken from outside may be shot–lived, but self–motivation is always long lasting.   There is a difference between fear and inspiration. If a student does his home work because of the scolding of her/his teacher, it will be called inspiration generated from fear, and if he understands his studies as his duty then it reflects his self–motivation.

The easiest way to self–motivation inside yourself is to meditate on your goal early in the morning.

Making the list of works you are happy to do

Everybody may not like doing everything but everybody has passion for something. We cannot live without doing anything as it is human tendency to do something.  There are some works we do without liking them but certainly there are some activities that we like, love and do with great enthusiasm.  These are termed hobbies. It is good to make a list of work you like doing. These hobbies fill us with happiness and freshness.   

Old successes of your life can be another factor to motivate you. You must have achieved some success. It does not matter it was small or large, but it will definitely encourage or inspire you and instill confidence within you. When the moment of those successes comes to your mind then your morale is at the highest peak. During this you feel that you can do and get everything and can achieve big success.

Keep with yourself some of your success photos, awards, any diary, or keep a record in mobile and feel them often.

Be self–motivated with successful people around you

One of the time–tested and true psychological facts is that common people cannot get much inspiration from Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ambanis, Sachin Tendulkar, Pele, etc.  but they may get more inspiration from the person who is from their street, village or city, whose circumstances are like them and he has succeeded in the same area in which they want to succeed.

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