1. What is it called when there is an error in the program, causing incorrect or inappropriate results?

Ans. Bugs

2.What is  called the web site address, which is identified  on the web?

Ans. Link

  1. Why are  the firewalls used?

Ans. To protect unauthorized attack

  1. Which directory is mandatory for each disk?

Ans. Route

  1. Who performs normal math for CPU?

Ans. ALU

  1. What will be the typical code of the Rejuvenated Optical Storage?

Ans.  RW

  1. What is the collection of associated files called?

Ans. Record

  1. What is the primary purpose of the software to convert the data into?

Ans. Information

  1. Which part of the software contains lists of commands and options?

Ans. Menu bar

  1. What is called the smallest storage unit of computer?

Ans. byte

  1. What is the full form of WWW?

Ans. World Wide Web

  1. What system do the modern computer characters and numbers represent using internally?

Ans. binary

  1. What is called the physical device of the computer, which is seen and can be touched,?

Ans. Hardware

  1. What connects the CPU to other parts on the motherboard?

Ans.system bus

  1. What are software tools that allow users to interact with computers for specific purposes?

Ans. Applications

  1. Through which system does users share data between hardware and software?

Ans. Network

  1. Who controls communication for the entire computer system?

Ans. Motherboard

  1. What is the set of step by step procedures to unify a task?

Ans. algorithm

  1. What number of data representation is based on the system, which uses two numbers to represent all the data?

Ans. binary

  1. What is the point of holding the mouse button down while moving an object or text? Ans. dragging
  2. What is approximately 1 million bytes?

Ans. megabytes

  1. What is the group of 8 bits called?


  1. Which is called ‘Brain of Computer’?


  1. What is the storage area of ​​email messages called?

Ans. Mail Box

  1. What is the empowered system?

Ans.  A computer and software system that controls a machine or device.

  1. What will you need to listen to music on your computer?

Ans. sound card

  1. The computer waits for a signal from a user as a signal / signal, what is it?

Ans. Prompt

  1. If you want to increase the length of the network without signal degradation, then what would you use?

Ans. Repeater

  1. What is known as a reputable software bug, which is usually available on the Internet freely?

Ans. Patch

  1. What is the full form of URL?

Ans. Uniform Resource Lacator

  1. What is used to watch the video CD?

Ans. Windows Media Player

  1. What is backup?

Ans. Exact copy of system information is called backup

  1. What kind of network is internet?

Ans. Large network of networks

  1. Who controls the interaction method between the user and the operating system?

Ans. user interface

  1. What is the instrument called which captures the image so that it can be stored on the computer,?

Ans. scanner

  1. Where can you put your personal files in the computer?

Ans. My document

  1. Which is the example of access control based on the fingerprints of a person?

Ans. biometric identification

  1. What is the method of printed lines on most products?

Ans.  Barcodes

  1. What are the two parts of the e-mail address?

Ans. User name and Domain name