1. When was index started by the Bombay Stock Exchange i.e. Sensex?

– 1986-87

  1. On the values ​​of how many shares the index of the Bombay Stock Exchange is based?

– 30

  1. When was the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was established?

– 12 April, 1988

  1. When was Sebi granted constitutional institution status ?

– 1992

  1. When had the government approved the symbol of Indian currency rupee?

– 15 July, 2010

  1. Where is the India Security Press located ?

– Nasik Road (Maharashtra)

  1. Where are bank notes of 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 rupees printed?

– Currency notes press nasik road

  1. Where are security papers located?

– Hoshangabad (Madhya Pradesh)

  1. In which cities are the government mints located?

– Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Noida

  1. What was the main objectives of the Seventh Plan

– Modernization

  1. Who presented the first budget of undivided India in 1946

– R. K. Nishankhamam Shetty

  1. When was the first budget of Independent India presented?

– November 26, 1947

  1. What is the sum of the market value of goods and services

– the gross domestic Product

  1. Who were the colleagues of Mahbub-ul Haq?

-K. Sen and Singer Swan

  1. What is the economic growth rate

– the rate of change in GDP

  1. What is involved in the primary sector of the Indian economy?

– agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Forest Industry and Construction of Lathas, Fisheries and Mining and  Excavation

  1. What is included in the tertiary sector of the Indian economy

-Communications, business, hotels and refreshments, banks and insurance, real estate, housing

Ownership of homes and business services, public services and other services

  1. On model of which country the concept of economic planning in India is based?

– Soviet Union

  1. Which country is responsible for developing the concept of financial planning?

– Soviet Union

  1. Who is credited with introducing the financial planning system in India?

-Sir Visweshwariya

  1. When the Bombay scheme related to financial planning came to light

– January 1944

  1. When was the first industrial policy of independent India declared?

– 1948

  1. Who had developed Sarvodaya Yojana

–  Jai Prakash Narayan

24. What was the period of the Colombo plan

– 1951 to 1957

25.What kind of organization is the Planning Commission?

– semi-constitutional political organization

  1. Which steel plants were set up in the second Five Year Plan?

–  Rourkela (Odisha), Bhilai (Chhattisgarh) and Durgapur (West Bengal)

  1. Which government had declared the end of the fifth year plan, one year ago?

– Janata Party government

28.Who determines the minimum support price?

– Agricultural cost and value Commission

  1. What is the name given to the Sixth Five Year Plan by the Janata Party government?

-The Rolling Plan

  1. What is the biggest contributor to the deficit in the total loss of the Government of India

– fiscal deficit

  1. Who is concerned with Modified Value Added Tax (MODVAT)?

– Excise duty

  1. Where is located the Indian Foreign Trade Institute?

– New Delhi

  1. What is the balance of payment?

– visual business, invisible business,

  1. When did the Foreign Exchange Management Act come into effect?

– in  2003

  1. Under which article of the constitution, the Finance Commission is constituted ?

– Article-280

  1. Who has designed the identification of Indian Rupee?

– D. Uday Kumar

  1. When did the food work program start?

– 1977-78

  1. When was the ‘Antyodaya Yojana’ launched?

– 1977-78

  1. Which bank is called ‘Bank of banks’?

– Reserve Bank of India

  1. Where is located the headquarters of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority?

– Hyderabad

  1. The foreign exchange currency that is prone to early conversion is called:

– Hot money

  1. What is MCX-SX?

– a stock exchange

  1. Which country has the zero-based budgeting technology?

– United States

  1. The first state in India to adopt zero-based budgeting technology:

– in Andhra Pradesh

  1. When the Special Economic Zone Act was passed by Parliament?

– 2005