1. Battle of Ten Kings: 14 BCE

This battle was fought between King Sudas of Trustu-Bharata Tribe and Ten Kings. In this battle, Ten kings were defeated by King Sudas.

2.Battle of Kurukshetra: 10th century BCE

Pandavas of the Kurus defeated Kauravas

3.Battle of Hydaspes: 326 BCE

Fought between the Alexander Great and King Porus.  King Porus was defeated.

4.Conquest of the Nand Empire: 321-320 BC

Fought between Nanda and Maurya Empire in which Nanda Empire got defeated.

5.Kalinga War: 262 BC

Fought between Ashoka the great and kingdom of Kalinga. Ashoka defeated the Kalinga.

6.Battle of Vatapi: 642

Fought between Pallavas Kingdom and Chalukya dynasty. Pallava defeated the Chalukyas.

7.Battle of Takkolam 949

Fought between Rashtrakuta Dynasty and Cholas Empire.  Rashtrakuta defeated Cholas Empire.

8.Battle of Vijayawada: 1068

Fought between Cholas Empire and Chera Dynasty

9.Battle of Nettur: 1188-1227

12. Battle of Chandawar: 1194

Fought between Chola Empire and PANDYA Kingdom

10. First Battle of Tarain: 1191

Fought between Prithvi Raj Chauhan and The Ghurid king Mu’zz al-Din. Chauhan defeated Mu’zz al-Din

11.Second Battle of Tarain: 1192

Fought between Prithvi Raj Chauhan and The Ghurid king Mu’zz al-Din. Mu’zz al-Din defeated Chauhan.

Fought between Muhammad Ghori and Jaichand. Jaichand was defeated.

13.Battle of Beas River: 1285

Fought between Chagatai Khanate army and the Mamluk sultanate.

14.Battle of Ranthombore: 1301

Fought between Delhi Sultanate and Chauhan dynasty. Chahamana king Hammiradeva was defeated by Delhi Sultanate.

15.Battle of Jalore: 1310-14

Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khalji defeated King Naddula of Chahamanas

16.Battle of Nagaur: 1456

Fought between Rajputs of Mewar and the Nagaur Sultanate. In fact it was a feud between the two brothers Mujahid Khan and Shams Khan, the latter was defeated and he took aid from Rana Kumbha the ruler of Mewar.

17.Battle of Chaul: 1508

Fought between the Portuguese and an Egyptian Mamluk fleet in the harbor of Chaul in India. Mamluk defeated Portuguese. 

18. Battle of Dholpur: 1519

Fought between Rana Sanga and Ibrahim Lodhi. Rana Sanga defeated Ibrahim Lodhi.

19. Battle of Panipat: 21 April 1526

In this battle, Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi.

20. Battle of Khanwa: 17 March 1527

In this battle, Babur defeated Rana Sanga.

21.Battle of Ghaghra: 1529

In this battle Babur defeated Afghans

22.Battle of Chausa: 1539

Shershah Suri defeated Mughal emperor Humayun

23. Battle of Kannaur: 1540

Again Shershah Suri defeated Mughal emperor Humayun

24.Battle of Tughlaqabad: 1556

Hemu (Hem Chandra Vikramaditya) defeated Akbar, the Mughal ruler.

25.Battle of Panipat: 1556

Akbar defeated Hemu under the leadership of Bairam Khan.

26.Battle of Talikota: 1565

Deccan Sultanates defeated Vijayanagara army

27. Battle of Haldighati: 1576

Rana Pratap of Mewar was defeated by Akbar

28.Battle of Kartarpur: 1635

Sikh empire defeated the Mughal Empire.

29.Battle of Kolhapur: 1659

Maratha Empire defeated Adilshahi dynasty.

30.Battle of Surat: 1664

Maratha Empire defeated the Mughal Empire

31.Battle of Purandar: 1665

Maratha Empire was defeated by Mughal Empire

32.Battle of Sinhagad: 1670

Maratha Empire defeated Mughal Empire

33.Battle of Aravali Hills: 1680

Rajputs rebels under the leadership defeated Mughals

34.First Battle of Anandpur: 1700

Sikh empire defeated Mughal Empire

35.Battle of Colachel:

Dutch East India Company was defeated by Kingdom of Travancore

36.Siege or Battle of Trichinopoly: 1741

Maratha Empire defeated Mughal Empire.

37.Battle of Madras: 1746

British East India Company defeated the French East India Company.

38.Battle of Golden Rock: 1753

French East India Company led by Haider Ali was defeated by British East India Company..

39. Battle of Plassey: 1757

Robert Clive of British defeated Siraj ud-Daulah

40.Battle of Lahore: 1759

Marathas and Sikhs jointly defeated Durrani Empire.

41.Third Battle of Panipat: 1761

Ahmad Shah Abdali defeated Marathas

42.Battle of Wandiwash: 1760

French East India Company was defeated by British East India Company

43. Battle of Sialkot: 1761

Durrani empire was defeated by Sukerchakiamisl

 44.Battle of Buxar: 1764

Joint  armies of Nawab Mir Qasim, Nawab Shujauddaulah and Mughal emperor Shah Alam was defeated by Hector Munro defeated

45.Battle of Vellore: 1782

Mysore was defeated by British East India Company

46. Battle of Calicut: 1790

Kingdom of Mysore was defeated by Travancore and British East India Company

47.Battle of Malpura: 1800

Swai Pratap Singh defeated Daulat Rao Sindhia

48. Battle of Farrukhabad: 1800

British East India company defeated Maratha Empire

49. Battle of Koregaon: 1818

British East India Company defeated Maratha

50. Battle of Peshawar: 1834

51. Battle of Jamrud: 1837

Sikh defeated Emirate of Afghanistan

52.Battle of Ramnagar: 1848

Sikh defeated British East India Company

53.Battle of Gujarat: 1849

Sikhs were defeated by British East Indian Company

54.Battle of Agra: 1857

Indian rebellion were defeated by British East India Company

55.Battle of Aong: 1857

Indian rebellions were defeated by British East India Company

56.Battle of Kintoor: 1858

Indian rebellions were defeated by British East India Company

57.Third Anglo Afghan War: 1919

British East India defeated Emirate of Afghanistan

58.Battle of Imphal: 1944

British India defeated the Empire of Japan

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