Goal Setting


Targeting Goal

Ok, you have got that inspiration, what you need now is to set your goal and framing strategies. The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then doing it.

“Before you score, you must have a goal.”  This famous proverb is enough to describe the importance of goal setting. First of all goal must be set.  One must be very clear about the goal, means what one wants to achieve.  It may differ from person to person. A student may want to get first position. A person who is preparing for any competitive examination may want to be selected in the merit list.  A sportsperson may desires of winning medal at national or international level. A businessman may want to increase his business and may set target for the high growth of his company. Likewise a spiritual minded may want to raise his spiritual level or may want to attain high level of spirituality.

First and foremost is what you want to get in your life or what you want to be. Your goal should be clear. It should also need to be realistic.

The strength of any large building is dependent on its foundation, you start your goal a little bit, whatever you want to do, start it in a small way. Small tasks will only lead you to a big goal.  Whether you are a common walker or great athlete, you both require taking first step.

Focusing on the goal

Once the goal is set there is urgent need to focus on it. Without constant focus one cannot achieve the desired goal. Let all your body limbs immersed into your goal. Shed all the ideas and stick to your goal.  Come what may, you have not to deviate from your target. You should be rock–firm to your goal.


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