1. Who is known as father of Indian Pre-History?

Ans. Robert Bruce foot

2. In which valley was the earliest evidence of man in India found?

Ans. Narmada Valley

3. In which state the Gufkral Chalcolithic site is located?

Ans. Jammu & Kashmir

4. What is the number of prehistoric rock shelters in Bhimbetka?

Ans.  243

5. In which state of India, the first Paleolithic site was discovered?

Ans.  Karnataka

6.  From which valley we get the earliest evidence of rice cultivation?

Ans. Belan Valley

7.  With which period the Teri sites of Tamil Nadu are associated?

Ans.  Mesolithic

8.  At what site, first evidence of cultivation of cotton was found?

Ans. Mehrgarh

9. What was the first metal to be used in India?

Ans. Copper

10. Where were the hymns of Rig-Veda composed?

Ans.  Punjab

11. What name did Mesopotamians give to Indus region?

Ans. Meluha

12. What was the name of Jhelum in RigvedicPeriod?


13.What was the first metal used by man?

Ans. Copper

14. How many granaries were found in Harappa?

Ans. Six

15. Which ruler’s accounts does Hathigumpha inscription describe?

Ans.  Kharvela

16. Which present day state of India is related to Bharat Dynasty?

Ans. Haryana

17. What were two major occupations of the people of the Indus Valley


Ans. Agriculture and Trade

18. Which Veda contains the famous Gyatri Mantra?

Ans. Rig-Veda

19. In Vedic period, Indra was the God of:

Ans. Rain and thunder

20. What does Panchajana refer in Rig-Veda?

Ans. Five tribes of Aryans

21. At what site has been the first astronomical observatory of Harappan

Civilization found?                                                                                                                

Ans. Dholavira

22.Where was discovered the Great bath of the Indus valley civilization?

Ans. Mohenjo-Daro

23. Where is located Lothal, the city of Indus Civilization?

Ans. Gujarat

24. What were the two major religions that came into existence after the Vedic


Ans. Jainism and Buddhism

25.At what site, the largest variety of food grains in the Chalcolithic age was


Ans. Chandragupta II

26.  To which religion the Four Noble Truths are related?

Ans.  Jainism 27. Which dynasty was founded by Mayur Sarman?                                                     

Ans. Kadamba

28. Who founded the Maurya Empire?Ans.  Chandragupta Maurya

29. When was the historical battle of Hydaspes fought?

Ans. 326 BC  

30. Between whom was fought the Battle of Hydaspes?                                    Ans.Alexander the Great and King Porus on the banks of river Jhelum