201. Which country is known as the country of ‘gross national happiness?’

Ans. Bhutan 

202.  Who is the father of psychology?

Ans. Wilhelm Wundt

203. What is the national game of the USA?

Ans. Baseball

204. What is the capital of Nepal?

Ans. Kathmandu 

205. In which international championship the Thomas Cup is given?

Ans.  Badminton

206. To which country the famous player Frankie Friedrich belongs?

Ans. Namibia

207. Which game has the biggest size of the field?

Ans. Polo

208. What is Canada’s national sport?

Ans. Ice hockey

209.  Who was the Prime Minister of the UK during the World War II?
Ans.  Winston Churchill?

210. What is called the report released by the UN on ending the HIV-AIDS epidemic?

Ans. On The Fast Track to End AIDS

211. Theresa May has lost the Brexit vote over which flagship bill?

Ans.  Withdrawal Bill

212. When and where was Napoleon Bonaparte born?

Ans. Ajaccio, France, on 15 August 1769

213. Which Israeli flower was named after PM Modi?
Ans. Chrysanthemum

214. Which UN body confers the Literacy Prize?


215. Which UN climate change conference has come out with an action proclamation?
Ans.  Marrakech meets in Morocco

216. The Bronze image of Buddha that was recovered from Sultanganj is related to:

Ans.  Gupta period

217. Where is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee situated?

Ans. Lausanne, Switzerland

218. Where is the headquarters of the International Cricket Council (ICC) located?

Ans. Dubai, UAE

219. With which theory is Hans Morgenthau associated?
Ans. Realism Theory:

220.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is an American animal rights organization. When was it founded?

Ans.22 March 1980

221. William sisters are related to which game?

Ans. Tennis

222. Which game is called America’s National Entertainment?

Ans. Baseball

223. Where did the modern version of Cricket ‘Supermax cricket’ begin?

Ans. Australia

224. For which sport the English city ‘White City Stadium’ is famous?

Ans. Dogs’ race

225. To which game is ‘Davis Cup’ related?

Ans. Lawn tennis

226. Which continent represents the green ring painted on the Olympic flag?

Ans. Europe

227. To which country is the famous player Pele related?

Ans. Brazil

228. For what function, Rajukas were appointed by Asoka?                                                     Ans. Judicial Functions

229. What is the motto of the Commonwealth Games?

Ans. Humanity, Equality, and Destiny

230.  To which game the word ‘ground stroke’ is related?

Ans. Table tennis

231. Which US President helped in founding the League of Nations?

Ans. Woodrow Wilson

232. Which terror group in Aug 2017 has been declared a foreign terrorist organization by the US?

Ans. Hizbul Mujahedeen

233.  To which game ‘Wellington Trophy’ is related?

Ans. Rowing

234. Which year was the first women’s hockey world cup held?

Ans. 1974

235. What does the yellow ring represent in Olympic Flag?

Ans. Asia

236. The first World Cup in cricket was held in:
Ans. 1975 (In England)

237. Jesse Owens Global Award is given in the field of:
Ans. Sports

238. Which country led a boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games held in Moscow? 

Ans. The United States of America

239.  Maradona is a Famous Football Player of Which Country?   

Ans.  Argentina
240.  To which game the Ryder Cup is associated?

Ans. Golf