International women

International women: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

  1. First lady President of Sri Lanka – Mrs. Chandrika Kumaratunga (1994
  2. First woman judge of the International Court of Justice – Rosaline Higgins (UK)
  3. First lady president of the Non-Aligned Movement – S. Bhandaranayake (Sri Lanka)
  4. France’s first woman Prime Minister – Edith Crescent (1991)
  5. Turkey’s first woman Prime Minister – Tansu Seler (1993)
  6. Canadian First Lady Prime Minister – Kim Campwell (1993)
  7. Bangladesh’s first woman Prime Minister – Beg Khaleda Zia (1991)
  8. Norwegian First Lady Prime Minister – Grow Harlem Bundland (1981)
  9. Queen of the Dominion of the Queen (Queen) – Margaret II
  10. Ireland’s First Lady President – Mary Robison (1990)
  11. Philippines’s First Lady President – Korojan Aquino (1986)
  12. Romanian First Lady President – Corojan Aquino (1986)
  13. Romanian First Lady President – Nikolai Ceauşescu
  14. Queen Elizabeth II – First Lady of UK Women’s Highness
  15. The Queen of the Netherlands – Queen Biatrix
  16. Nicaragua’s First Lady President – Violetta Barrios de Camorro (1990)
  17. Japan’s First Lady Astronaut – Cheki Mucai
  18. She is the Indian woman who has the distinction of being the first woman Mayor in New Zealand – Sukhwinder Turner (Dunedin City)
  19. The first woman in the world who was elected president of the International Badminton Federation – Lue Shengroog (China)
  20. World’s First Lady President – María Esabell Perron (Argentina) (from 1-7-1974 to 24-3-1976)
  21. The world’s first elected woman President – Vigis Finnavogadotir (Iceland)
  22. The first clergy woman in the Church of England in England – Angela Busers Wilson
  23. For the first time in history, the world’s first Miss USA Badher Sundari – Heather Hnichstown
  24. World’s youngest student crossing the English Channel at the youngest age – Rupali Ramdas
  25. Who was chosen the world’s first female bishop – Ray Mary Adelier (USA)
  26. World’s First Nobel Prize Woman – Madam Curie
  27. Israel’s First Lady Prime Minister – Mrs. Goldda Mayer (1969)
  28. The first woman to be known at the American Theater – Helen Hedge
  29. First lady of India who has been awarded ‘Man-A-Humaat’, Pakistan’s highest humanity award – Neerja Mishra
  30. First woman president of the non-nude conference – Mrs. Indira Gandhi
  31. North Pole Winner First American Female – N. Bankoff
  32. First woman president of Japan’s lower house of Representatives – Takako Doi
  33. World’s Longest Women – Sandy Allen (Canadian height 7 feet 1/4 inch)
  34. Women giving birth to most children in the world – Lonvinna Alvina (Chile – has given birth to 55 children)
  35. First woman to flag India’s flag abroad – Madam Cama
  36. First woman player to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games – Margaret Abbott (USA)
  37. Pakistan’s first woman wing commander – Shahida Parveen
  38. The first woman in the world to reach the North Pole on foot – Christine Jenin (France)
  39. The world’s first woman to be appointed as the lifelong president of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) – Najma Heptullah (India)
  40. South Korea’s first woman Prime Minister – Chang Song
  41. First Female Prime Minister of Finland – Anneli Zetanmaki
  42. America’s First Lady Pilot – Kelly Flynn

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