Almost every one of us has only one fear, to lose, to fail, what people will say, believe that people will say something or not. Just remember one thing, you are the creator of your life, you decide what you will become, keep your fear in the side and start your journey with great enthusiasm and vigor.

Whenever some great steps were taken there arose some negative voices.  Those voices lost their worth with the success of those great people. People gauze others from their level of perception, so it worthless to explain to them why and how you are going to do something different. If you always care for what the people are saying about you and your plans, it will kill your energy and creativity. Neither you can keep everybody happy and nor this is your business.   Therefore, without hesitation follow your heart and do whatever you want to do.  Let the people have opinions about you.


  • The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages.   MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE
  • I do not care so much what I am to others as I care what I am to myself.  MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE
  • Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. DR. SEUSS
  • Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. SUZY KASSEM


Reducing stress is an art and key to energizing.  Our stress may eat up a chunk of our energy, so it is in our favor not to take the stress and use our energy in doing the positive acts.

Find out the stress–triggers. There may be many reasons for stress. Make a list of stress–triggers and deal with them one by one. Learn to accept the things that are beyond your control. When stress begins to overcome you, take a few deep breaths or count to 20 or take a glass of water or if possible go away from the scene or situation. Stress is a negative factor that plays a destructive role in your way to success.


  • It is not stress that kills us; it is our reaction to it. HANS SELYE
  • Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there’. ECKHART TOLLE
  • You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside. WAYNE DYER
  • It is not the load that breaks you down, it is the way you carry it. LOU HOLTZ

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आइए, जानते हैं  देवभूमि उत्तराखंड के बारे में कुछ सामान्य तथा रोचक तथ्य: उत्तराखंड 9 नवम्बर 2000 को भारत का 27 वां राज्य  बना.  इससे पहले यह उत्तर प्रदेश राज्य