5, 00000 -8,000: Paleolithic Age

8000-5000:  Mesolithic Age

5000-1000:  Neolithic Age

2500-1500: Indus Valley Civilization

1200-1000: Vedic Period; Rigveda was complied

1200-1000: Use of iron started in India

1000-500: Later Vedic Period; Age of the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Bhagwad Gita

623-543 Invasion of India by Alexander

600: Emergence of Mahajanpadas

563-483: Period of Buddha

563-483: Period of Mahavira

327: Alexander invaded India

326: Battle of Hydapass and Alexander defeated Porus

324:  Chandragupta founded Maurya Empire

273-232: Reign of Ashoka,

261: War between Ashoka and Kalinga

187: With the murder of last Maurya King Brahdarth Maurya dynasty ended

185-73: Reign of Shungas

73-28: Reign of Kanvas

58: Beginning of Vikrami Era


50-225: Kushan Dynasty

78 :  Accession of Kanishka. Beginning of Saka Era.

275-450 : Gupta dynast

319-350:  Reign of Chandra Gupta

350-375   : Reign of Samudra Gupta.

375-415 :  Reign of Chandragupta II (Vikramaditya).

415-455   :   Reign of Kumargupta

455-467  Reign of Skandgupta

467-550 :   Reign of Purugupt, Kumargupt II, Budhgupta, Narsinghgupt, Bhanugupt,

Kumargupt III and Vishnugupt

405-411 :        Fa-Hien from China travels India.

454    :           First Hun invasion on India

560-903  : Great Pallav of Kanchipuram

606-647  :           Reign of Harshavardhana.

630-644  :           Chinese Hiuen Tsang traveled India.

600-700  :           Birth and Rise of Islam in the Middle East

622: Beginning of Hijari (Muslim) era

700 – 1200 :         Rajputa Period

712  :           Mohammed bin Qasim attacked on India

730 :   Accession of Yasovarman of Kanyakubja

753-973    :    Rashtrkuts of Deccan

820  :    Death of Sankarachary

960-1200   :  Chandellas of Bundelkhand

1000-1026 :  Mahmud of Ghani invaded India 17 times

1191: Invasion of Muhammad of Ghauri

1191 : First battle of Tarain, Prithviraj defeated Mahmud of Gauri

1192 : Defeat and death of Prithviraj the last Rajput king of Delhi

1206-1290:  Establishment of Muslim rule in North India

1206:  Muhammad Ghauri died and  Kutubuddin became the first Sultan of Delhi

1121:  Changes Khan and Mongol invader invaded India

1230: Vijanagar Kingdom founded in the South India

1290-1316     :           Reign of the Khilji dynasty in Delhi

1320-1414     :           Reign of Tughlak Sultans in Delhi

1347 : Bahmani Kingdom of Deccan founded in the South India by

1469: Birth of Guru Nanak

1494:  Sikander Lodi founded Agra

1498: Vasco da Gama discovered India and reached Calicut.

1494  :   Foundation of Agra by Sikander Lodi.

1510: Portuguese invaded and captured Goa

1526: first battle of Panipat and Mughal Empire was founded by Babar who defeated Ibrahim Lodi

1539-45: Rule of Sher Shah

1556: Second battle of Panipat

1156-1605  Rule of Akbar

1556-1605  :  Second Battle of Panipat (1556), Reign of Akbar

1581: Akbar founded Din-i-Ilahi

1597 : Death of Rana Pratap, who defied Akbar

1600  :    East India Company founded

1605: Death of Akbar

1612:  British set up first factory at Surat

1627: Birth of Shivaji

1627-57:  Rule of Shah Jahan

1644:  Farman to British to trade in Bengal

1658-1707: Rule of Aurangzeb

1668; French set up their first factory in Surat

1675: Sikh guru Tej Bahadur executed by Aurangzeb

1680: Establishments of East India Company

1707: Death of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb

1734: Nadir Shah invaded India

1757: Battle of Plassey

1761: Battle of Panipat

1764: Battle of Buxar

1765: Grant of Dewani of Bengal, Bihar and Odisha to East India Company

1772: Appointed of Warren Hastings as the Governor-General of India

1790: Third Mysore war

1793: Permanent settlement of Bengal

1799: Death of Tipu Sultan

1829: Brahmo same founded

1839: Death of Ranjit Singh

1856: Annexation of Oudh by the British;

1857: Indian Mutiny

1858: East India Company transferred India to East India Company

1869: Birth of Mahatma Gandhi

1874: Great famine of Bengal

1875: Arya Samaj founded by Swami Dayanand Sarswati

1885: Indian National Congress founded

1897: Birth of Subhash Chandra Bose

1905:  Partition of Bengal

1906: Muslim League founded

1907: Split of Congress into extremists and moderates

1911: Partition of Bengal revoked

1914: Return of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa

1920-22: Non-cooperation movement

1927: Appointment of Simon Commission

1930: Civil Disobedience movement

1931: First round table conference and Gandhi-Irwin pact

1932: Second disobedience movement

1935: Government of India Act passed

1937: Inauguration of Provincial Autonomy

1939: Second World War began

1942: Quit India Movement, Cripps Mission

1946: Cabinet Mission Plan

1947: India became independent; Partition of India and birth of Pakistan, Nehru became the Prime Minister

1949: The Constitution of India passed on 26th November

1950: India became Republic on 26th January

1951: First general election held in India, First five year plan started

1957: Second general election held in India

1960: Birth of Maharashtra and Gujarat

1961: Goa again became a part of India

1962: China attacked on India; Third General Election in India

1964: Pt. Nehru died and Lal Bahadur Shashtri became the Prime Minister

1965: War between India and Pakistan

1966: Lal Bahadur Shastri died in USSR, Tashkent accord signed in USSR

1966: Indira Gandhi became the first women Prime Minister of India

1967: Fourth General Election

1968: split in Congress party; Indira Gandhi was expelled from Congress

1970: Creation of Meghalaya

1972: Fifth general election in India

1974: Indira Gandhi conducted nuclear explosions on May 18

1975: Emergency declared in India; First Indian satellite launched

1977-78: Lok Sabha dissolved, people rejected Indira Gandhi and Moraraj Desai became the Prime Minister of India

1979: Moraraji Desai resigned and Chaudhary Charan Singh became the Prime Minister of India and resigned within a month; Parliament dissolved and